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For two years, YouTube Shorts has been a popular option for quick video clips similar to TikTok. The opportunity to monetize that content and distribute it to the creators is going to be turned on. If they have at least 1,000 subscribers and ten million Shorts views in the last three months, YouTube Shorts creators can apply to be a part of the platform’s revenue-sharing program for earning.

Additionally, YouTube introduced a new ad-revenue sharing service that allows producers to add music to their videos while still earning money from views. YouTube has rewarded its artists more than $30 billion in the last three years.

This post will outline the steps you need to do in order to monetize your YouTube channel using short videos.


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To create a Short, you can record and edit right away within the YouTube app (much like TikTok), or if that is more your style, you can film and edit elsewhere and submit to YouTube. They will thereafter reside on YouTube’s home page’s Shorts shelf.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you might theoretically start earning money from your first YouTube videos.

  • You run a YouTube channel.
  • Within the last six months, you published a Short.
  • Your work complies with YouTube’s community standards.
  • Your video content is regarded as original.

If you want your YouTube Shorts video to become popular, you must market it. Here are some strategies for increasing video views:

  • Send your video to loved ones through email, and post it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Include your video in blogs and websites.
  • Create an intriguing video thumbnail.
  • Make it simpler for viewers to find your movie by using tags and keywords.

Additionally, there are other ways to monetize your YouTube Shorts. If you are curious about them Let us start:


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One method for earning money from YouTube Shorts is through the $100 million Shorts Fund. This was anticipated to occur in 2021, and YouTube has promised to pay creators a monthly “bonus” that comes directly from this money reserve. The incentives can vary, but the precise sum is determined by how well you performed in Shorts the preceding month.

Once you fulfill the aforementioned requirements, you are eligible to get a Shorts reward. Within the first week of the month, YouTube will get in touch with you if you are selected. They are in a terrific position to profit from this new opportunity because many creators have been producing profitable Shorts for some time. By putting in place a few procedures, YouTube has made it feasible for producers to be qualified.


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The platform’s declared revenue-generating strategy does not yet include YouTube Shorts. You need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours from people who have seen your long-form videos before you can sign up for the Youtube Partner Program as a maker of short videos. As a result, it is impossible to monetize short, vertical content with advertising.

However, by signing up for the YPP in this manner, you can earn money from adverts on entertaining videos and short films. Additionally, you will have more opportunities to earn money.

Shorts will be based on a mechanism where people share the money they make, similar to the majority of YouTube income. Around 45% of the advertising revenue generated by their work will go to the creators. Although it is a little less than the normal 55%, receiving this is still much preferable to receiving nothing.


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It is challenging to manage the YouTube Shorts fund. The majority of the tens of thousands of creators competing for the monthly bonus have millions of viewers for their Shorts.

You are not required to participate in the race. Brand sponsorships are among the finest ways to monetize YouTube Shorts out of all the other options. When a company sponsors you, they pay you to promote one of your videos that features their goods or services. That might be the newest pair of shoes, a brand-new line of laptops, or even a carpet cleaner.

Not millions of views and subscribers, but the proper audience and a solid YouTube resume are all you need to land a brand agreement.

Furthermore, more than 50% of marketers stated that they intended to invest more on short-form content than they did in 2021. Working with people who create short videos excites brands.


You should educate yourself on how to profit from them. Since they are simple to sell, shorts are excellent for making money. Several methods exist for doing this:

  1. Take advantage of YouTube’s Adsense scheme. When someone clicks on the advertising you have placed on your videos, you will be paid.
  2. Use your films to promote products as well. You can advertise a good or service you want to offer using your YouTube shorts.
  3. Become a partner with YouTube. You will be able to employ additional features as a result, increasing your ability to monetize your channel.


You will need to go retrieve your money after being invited to the Creator Fund. The procedure operates as follows:

  • Accept the YouTube terms of service, and link your Google AdSense account.
  • You will receive an email notification from YouTube between the 8th and 10th of every month informing you that you have a Shorts bonus to claim.
  • Following that, you have until the 25th of that month to make a claim. The money will be lost if you don’t!
  • Your bonus will then be sent into your Google AdSense account between the 21st and 26th of the following month.
  • After that, the process of creating items, posting them online, and receiving payment repeats itself.


You will not only receive bonus payouts from the Shorts Fund as long as you continue to generate interesting, enjoyable, and unique Shorts content, but you will also be in the greatest possible position to earn the most money from all of your content, whether or not ads and brands are involved.

You can also start making money from your YouTube shorts by utilizing these tips. Start filming videos right away! Inform your friends and family about it so they may discover how to monetize YouTube videos as well. Are you interested in learning more about YouTube Shorts? Please let us know in the comments section below, and we will be glad to help.


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