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In this blog i will be sharing the best ideas, techniques, skills and method through which you can earn money without investment money if you are student are not. in recent time, most of the people and jobless and they have no money to spend, so they are looking for methods through which they can earn online using different methods or by learning different skills. by going through this blog you guys will be getting to know that there are alot of methods and skills which you guys can learn in order to earn WITHOUT INVESTMENT.

the very first skill is VIDEO EDITING


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One of my favorite method is video editing. you can start earning using using video editing. as we all know that now a days most of the people are making vlog and videos on youtube and for that they need to edit  and they have not enough to editing skill to edit that video, so they mostly hire video editor who work for them at good price and by editing video they can earn upto $5000 a month. In my country, editors are earning that much and you can also earn that, if you write a professional mail to Youtuber and offer them your professional service in low price than market.

Video content is becoming a significant tool for storytelling, marketing, and communication in the digital era. You may use your excellent skill set as a video editor to build a successful company. Finding new opportunities for success depends on your ability to commercialize your video editing skills, whether you’re a freelance videographer or a budding businessperson.


You don’t need an expensive laptop to start off. Use the one you currently have. You may start with free alternatives for video editing software like DaVinci Resolve, Cap Cut for Windows and Mac. Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows and Final Cut Pro for Mac are suggested programs if you have the money. Use applications like Kinemaster or VN Editor for basic smartphone editing.


For the program you’ve chosen, look for beginning playlists on YouTube and follow them step-by-step. Use what you’ve learned to practice fundamental video editing techniques. The description of the video includes recommended playlists for Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Premiere Pro. here i am suggesting the a video for the beginner for video editing,


Investigate various transitions, effects, and editing techniques. Learn how to create certain effects by searching for them on YouTube. Apply these effects to the projects you are working on. To practice, you may either record your own material or search free stock videos online. As an alternative, the video offers a link to the creator’s personal practice RAW files.


A portfolio of three to five videos you edited yourself should be created. For professional presentation of your work, you may utilize a Google Drive folder, make a Vimeo video portfolio, or even build your own website. Put the most pertinent videos first when showing them your portfolio.


Make a professional first impression by including your abilities and expertise in a resume or a CV. This will the possibility for you to be chosen by clients. the more good would be resume the more likely it is for the clients to choose you.


Find people searching for video editors by using social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. In order to contact potential clients, look for pertinent posts or hashtags and send them a message that is both personalized and that includes a sample of your work. Additionally, you may cold email your preferred companies and content producers. When contacting clients, adapt a cold email template to your needs, and always include your portfolio in the body of the email.


For your first few jobs, only charge a small amount. Avoid doing any job for nothing, no matter how little. Inquire about the client’s budget when discussing pricing, then make an effort to stay inside it. You can change your prices as you gain knowledge and expertise. For a 10-minute YouTube video, as seen in the video, you may charge a Pakistani or Indian customer anything between PKR 3,000 and PKR 4,000 and up to PKR 15,000 to PKR 20,000 for an international client.To increase your earning potential, keep in mind to develop client contacts, develop your editing abilities, and conduct yourself professionally.

Moving on to another method for earning which is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). a lot of people are earning using SEO.


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There are a lot of people that are earning money like $ 100000 per month but the thing that is important to learn is that what basically SEO is. You have to learn SEO deeply and should work on your SEO skills and that will be totally worth it. in simple following are my 3  favorite ways to make money through SEO. you can check out my blog on complete SEO, the link is COMPLETE GUIDE FOR SEO


affiliate marketing

If you adequately know what SEO is, you may rank your freshly constructed WordPress, custom, or blogger site on Google with ease. You may utilize affiliate marketing to monetize your website and start earning thousands of dollars once some of your articles start to rank on Google. You may make money by advertising other people’s goods and services on your website through affiliate marketing, a performance-based marketing technique. You may lead your readers to the merchant’s website by putting affiliate links in your post. You receive a portion of the transaction when a visitor uses your reference to make a purchase.


  • Recognize the demands of your target market and provide goods that would actually help them.
  • Produce informative and engaging material for your audience.
  • To retain confidence, be open and honest about your affiliate connections.
  • To improve your strategy, keep track of your conversions and evaluate your statistics.
  • Keep aware of the most recent market developments and modify your plans as necessary.


Top Tips To Make Money With Google AdSense - DigitalTreed

If your website is well-ranked and has a lot of traffic, you may use Google Adsense to quickly and simply generate a sizable income. With the help of the advertising platform Google AdSense, website owners may put tailored adverts on their sites. Because of its simplicity and usability, many website owners choose it. AdSense links the content and interests of your website’s visitors with the adverts that are shown there. link to the google adsense


In order to monetize your website with Google AdSense, follow these steps:

  • first of all Sign up for a Google AdSense account.
  •  Then Generate AdSense ad code and place it on your website.
  • After that Customize the ad placements to fit seamlessly with your website’s design.
  • At last Drive traffic to your website to increase ad impressions and potential earnings.


Challenges of Freelance Marketplace


People may earn money using their talents and knowledge in a variety of ways on Fiverr, a well-known online freelance marketplace. Backlinking services are one such valuable business. We’ll look at how you can use your SEO expertise to sell backlinking services on Fiverr and profit from your expertise.

Backlinks are outside, or external, connections that go to your website from other websites. They are essential to SEO since they are seen as a seal of approval by search engines for the legitimacy of your website. You may aid website owners in raising their search engine ranks and boosting organic traffic by providing backlinking services.

Promote your Fiverr gigs on social networking sites, in-depth online groups, and forums to gain the most exposure. Engage potential customers by demonstrating your knowledge and providing helpful SEO recommendations. Connecting with other independent contractors, businesses, or website owners might result in referrals and joint venture opportunities.

Boosting your backlinking services could be a good idea once you’ve established yourself on Fiverr. Larger tasks can be handled more easily by collaborating with other freelancers or agencies. Additionally, look for ways to vary your offerings, such as by adding more SEO advice or content marketing tactics.

The another method of earning is WordPress and by learning how to edit website and add blogs you can earn money without any investment.


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We have been using WordPress for a very long time, and it is the greatest and most straightforward approach to build a professional website without any coding experience. After understanding WordPress, there are over 20 different methods to generate money, but today we’ll focus on a few simple ways to do it.


WordPress website construction and reselling may be a lucrative business. Find lucrative niches and build excellent websites with interesting content and optimal design. With the help of marketplaces and buyer networks offered by platforms like Flippa, you are able to list and sell your websites.


By advertising the goods or services of other businesses, affiliate marketing is a successful way to make money. Choose appropriate affiliate programs for your niche and produce interesting content with affiliate links. Put your attention on establishing trust with your audience and making sincere recommendations.


Services for developing and customizing WordPress are in high demand. Showcase your experience by emphasizing prior work and customer endorsements. Based on your skill level and market rates, determine competitive pricing. You may meet clients looking for WordPress-related services by using websites like Upwork and Freelancer.


WordPress website owners need ongoing assistance and maintenance. Provide services including updates, backups, improved security, and troubleshooting. Choose pricing strategies based on the range of services offered. To locate clients looking for reputable WordPress help, use web resources and regional business networks.

Another work from which you can earn is by teaching people different subject in which you have got expertise.


About LSC Tutoring – Learning Strategies Center

You may earn money online as a student by providing tutoring services and putting your knowledge and abilities to work. Online tutoring appeals to students who want to make money while supporting others’ academic success because it offers flexibility and the chance to reach a worldwide audience.We’ll look at what you can do to launch and expand your online tutoring company.

To begin, decide the areas or topics you are an expert in and are comfortable teaching. Decide if elementary, high school, or college students are your target audience. You may customise your tutoring services and efficiently promote to your potential clientele by concentrating on a certain age group or topic area.

Using a website, teaching platforms, or online markets, establish a credible online presence. Make a profile that is interesting by highlighting your credentials, work history, and instructional style. By integrating pertinent keywords and making sure that potential customers can quickly find your website or profile, you can optimize your online presence for search engines.

Successful online tutoring depends on clear communication and developing a connection with your pupils. By assuring a steady internet connection, good audio, and high-quality video, you may create an atmosphere that is favorable to online learning. Make your teaching style customized to each student’s requirements by giving them one-on-one attention and encouragement as they learn.

Based on elements including your expertise, credentials, and the market need in your region, decide on your tutoring charges. Make sure your fees are reasonable by researching the costs associated with other teachers who provide comparable services. To draw customers and give value for money, think about providing package discounts or subscription-based options.


  • is a well-known and reputable online tutoring platform that provides tuition services in a range of areas. It offers tailored one-on-one tutoring sessions so that students may get specialized attention from knowledgeable tutors. Additionally, is always open, enabling students to get assistance whenever they need it.
  • Chegg instructors: A platform that matches students with competent instructors for real-time online tutoring sessions, Chegg Tutors links them. It offers flexible scheduling choices and a broad range of topic matter. In addition to offering study materials and practice questions, Chegg Tutors also offers other resources.
  • Wyzant: Wyzant is a website that matches students with instructors of all academic levels and topic areas. The ideal instructor for their needs may be selected by students by allowing them to browse through tutor profiles, read reviews, and compare tutors. Wyzant gives students flexibility by offering both in-person and online tutoring choices.
  • Preply: Preply focuses on language instruction and provides a marketplace for students to locate private online language instructors. It speaks a variety of tongues, such as English, Spanish, French, and others. For successful language learning, Preply offers tools including video chat, virtual whiteboards, and lesson materials.
  • Varsity instructors is a platform for online tutoring that provides live, interactive tutoring sessions with qualified instructors. From math and science to exam prep and music courses, it covers a wide range of topics. In addition, Varsity Tutors offers extra materials like study guides and practice exams.

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